Pocket Spring

Pocket springs are individual springs contained in a *calico fabric pocket, totally independent of the springs that surround it. Therefore, virtually eliminating roll together as your body is only using the springs that it needs. If a spring is not being used it stays in the upright (unused) position.


Bonnell spring package type is widely used in the furniture industry. Used in the manufacture of sofas, couches, mattresses and other upholstered furniture.

Zig Zag Spring

Sinuous springs are made from two-dimensional S-shaped wires and are also known as “No-Sag springs,” “S coils or “zigzag (zig zag) springs”. They are commonly used in ottomans, chairs (seat and back) and sofas (seat and back) and take the place of coil springs. Sinuous springs install quickly and easily and don’t require a time-consuming hand-tie job.

Spring fasteners

We offer all kinds of hooks for corrugated springs made of such materials as:

  • plastic
  • Plastic with limiter
  • the coating of PVC

About us

We are a company that has years of experience in manufacturing all kinds of springs:

  • zig-zag springs
  • pocket springs
  • bonnell springs

We provide top quality products with modern design.
We select the suppliers of production materials with particular care.
With our trucks we can complete orders fast and efficiently

… the springs that are tailored up to your expectations!